Is RRT a good fit for me?

Although my clients are diverse they share one characteristic:  the desire to be free of problematic ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  They don't want to talk about problems; they want solutions.  They want these solutions to be immediate and have lasting results.  My clients are interested in doing life not therapy.  They are seeking answers not inquiry or analysis.  My clients are open-minded, but skeptical until shown evidence of change.  When this change is experienced they say, Thank You, and move forward with life.  They don't need or want to be my friend, however I have a deep, lasting and profound connection with my clients, and they report the same with me.   


I have a high success rate with clients because of this consultation.  It's a time for you to share what you want and don't want from treatment, and for me to share what I do and don't do to make that happen.  I listen to the headline of what has been going on for you and what you want transformed.  Given this information, I share a bit about how I might use RRT to help you.  I answer any questions you may have about the process.  We discuss details of payment and scheduling.  We decide if moving forward makes sense to both of us.  All of this will take less than 30 minutes and can be done on the phone or in-person.

what happens during a session?

Sessions are uplifting, informative, and focused on what it is you want accomplished.  It's my job - not yours - to get things shifted at the deepest level, and RRT is the vehicle for me to get that done for you.   RRT is NOT CBT, DBT, Hypnosis, or any other form of traditional therapeutic approaches, and what happens in a session is nothing like you have ever experienced before, so it makes sense if there is skepticism.  I expect and respect this, and look forward to showing you during and after a session that RRT can make it possible for you to feel better.  

Don't i have to feel my feelings?

I don't believe pain is necessary for a cure.  Thus,  I won't ask you to investigate, recall or feel anything painful unless it will be valuable for us to do so.  If that's the case, I will keep you fully present - with me, here, now - while you share experiences so that things will no longer have a troubling effect on you.  You will be able to think and feel without activating emotional or thought disturbances. 

don't i have to share my story?

You can, but you don't have to.  If you are looking to get the timing belt of your car checked and adjusted, I don't think you want to sit around talking to the auto repair guy.  I'm thinking you want the thing adjusted and get out of there.  If you are looking to feel better, think clearer, and move forward more effectively, I will get that done for you with RRT.  If you are looking to pay someone to listen to you each week, that's OK, too.  It's just not what I do and I will respectfully refer you to another mental health professional.  

What happens after?

I will check in with you and ask how things have been since we met.  Most people are surprised to hear from me, having immersed freely and easily into life after our session.  They report feeling more present, energized, and calm about the things that had been previously troubling.  For some, situations may have worsened, but their responses to the situations have remarkably improved.  This has incredible value and makes what we did together even more successful.  Some will continue to meet with me to adjust thoughts and feelings and improve actions.  Once the foundation of RRT has been set, I can help you in many areas of your life with focused sessions on the phone or in-person.  Although each treatment may be brief, my relationship with most clients is life-long.