the real question

Do I want to sleep in - all tucked up warm and cozy? Of course I do.

Do I want a piece (or two) of chocolate cake? Of course I do!

Do I want a glass of wine (or three) to relax? Of course I do.

Do I want to yell at the guy who cut in front of me? Of course I do.

So, telling myself, Don't do that won't make sense to the part of me having an urge, desire, or craving. Leading with logic, rules, or resistance might work for awhile, but eventually the emotional brain screams, Yes I want it!, and I am back to overeating, drinking and reacting with as much - if not more - zest than ever before.

Many self-help and recovery programs teach I can't (which doesn't make sense to the logical brain that knows I can) and Don't (which doesn't make sense to the emotional brain that absolutely wants it). For lasting change to occur it's important to ask the REAL questions to get an honest and firm NO! from both the emotional AND logical parts of my brain:

Do I want to feel sick, tired, depressed?

Do I want to be overweight, have diabetes and heart trouble?

Do I want to be embarrassed, ashamed, and angry?

Do I want to be broke and alone?

NO! I don't.

It's not that I don't like chocolate, frosty margaritas, and sleeping in; it's just that I like to feel healthy and active and fit even more. With the emotional and logical parts of my brain working together to ask/answer the REAL QUESTIONS, I stay free and clear from addictions and compulsions - without feeling afraid, deprived or angry.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is designed to communicate with both the logical and emotional parts of your brain.  To find out more, schedule a complimentary consultation with me and we'll discuss how RRT may be your next best step towards getting unstuck and free.  


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