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30 Minute Complimentary consultation

Rapid Resolution Therapy

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A 60-minute intense and uplifting session that will get you unstuck and moving forward.  Learn valuable tools and techniques for staying calm, clear-minded and strategic in your specific situation.  Leave feeling hopeful, confident, and empowered with a plan for success.  

Rapid Resolution Therapy Intensive

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Two productive hours of treatment designed to clear away the painful effects of any troubling thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing about yourself, another, or a situation (past, present, or in the future).  Common problems resolved with an RRT Intensive are:  PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic, grief, self-loathing, anger, insomnia, heartbreak, shame, regret, resentment, worry, addictive behaviors.  

Rapid Resolution Therapy for Couples

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90 minute interactive session for partners looking to rescue, repair, and restore the relationship.  Both of you will feel heard, understood, and energized as you navigate towards a mutually beneficial outcome, and you will leave with tools for effective communication and closeness.  

Rapid Resolution Phone Coaching

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Solution-focused, step-by-step guidance for maneuvering strategically through tough life circumstances.  If you know what you want yet can't seem to get there, schedule a phone coaching session to receive the clarity and confidence you need to get unstuck and moving forward.  45 minutes.